49 Birds Appeared In The Sky As The Names Of The 49 Orlando Shooting Victims Were Read Out

A picture of the moment has since gone viral.

Orlando Vigil

There has been an outpouring of grief across the globe after 49 victims were killed in a senseless gun attack in a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday night.

Since then, in a show of solidarity, thousands of people have gathered in cities around the world to grieve and pay tribute to those whose lives were tragically cut short.

One such vigil was held in Orlando itself on Monday night and it was during this emotional tribute that an incredible moment was captured on camera.

As the names of all 49 victims were read out, 49 birds appeared in the sky.

A photographer, who was attending the vigil snapped a picture of the birds but didn’t realise their significance until afterwards, later counting the birds and noting that there was one for each victim.

49 Birds

“I then showed everyone around me and had them count,” she explained. “We were all stunned.”

Since then the photographer has shared the image on Facebook, writing “There were 49 birds, my friends. The fallen were with us tonight” in a post which has been shared thousands of times.

The photographer, who like many others was mourning the loss of someone at that vigil on Monday night has said that seeing the birds made her feel a sense of peace about the tragedy.

“Who took the photo is not as important as what is in it,” she adds. “May everyone find healing and peace.”

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