5 Emojis We Desperately Need In Our Lives

In celebration of World Emoji day, we're starting a petition to have these five emojis added to our smartphones, like, now.

Emojis; they’re perfect for when we haven’t got the words to convey our exact emotion, or when we’re just too darn lazy to type something out in full. But, and this is a biggie, we reckon our emoji needs aren’t quite being met. In fact, we reckon these five need to be added to our smartphones right now.

The middle finger emoji

Middle finger emoji

Sometimes in life you just need to let your feelings known. But instead of getting all sweary on it, a simple symbol is what’s needed to tell someone where to get off. Enter the middle finger emoji; the perfect response when you’re housemate has got at you for not doing the dishes. Again.

Face palm emoji

Face palm emoji

You’ve done something majorly morto, and you don’t want to go into details. Face palm emoji is the perfect way to show you’re scarlet. The good news? We’re hearing that it could be en route for 2016. Yay!

Hangover emoji

Hangover emoji

Quite simply, anything that makes texting easier the morning after we’ve had a few too many is a winner with us.

PMS emoji

red orb emoji

We’re calling this one shorthand for “Sorry for what I said, I’m on my period.” That said, we reckon we need more than a red orb to convey our period related dramas.

Avocado emoji

Avocado emoji

It’s our favourite salad addition, deadly on toast and even better in a smoothie, and we think it’s high time we had an emoji to convey our deep love for the humble avocado. Oh, and while we’re on the subject, where are the rest of our food-related emoji that we were promised recently?

Got any emojis you reckon need to be added, like, now? Drop us a comment below and let us know.