5 Healthy & Delicious Homemade Breakfast Bars That Are Perfect For Girls On The Go

These bars are so easy to whip up that you’ll never buy a store-bought muesli bar again. Bonus point: they'll kick your cravings to the kerb without the extra calories.

1. Chocolate peanut butter no-bake protein bars


These bars are so easy to whip up that you’ll deffo try and keep them in your weekly routine. Plus, they’re versatile: you can swap out the peanut butter and and the maple syrup for whichever nut butters and liquid sweeteners you prefer, and also use whatever protein powder you’d like, too.

2. Lemon coconut breakfast bars


One of our fave recipes and not too sweet, these one-layer moist lemon bars are an excellent grab-and-go energy snack at any time of the day. Be warned, your work buddies are sure to be well jeal… unless you’re sharing the love, of course.

3. Blueberry vanilla greek yogurt granola bars


5.  Healthy brownie granola bars


By Jennifer Conway.