5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Contain More Sugar Than A Doughnut

Uh-oh. Thanks to their heavy sugar content these supposedly healthy foods might not be so saintly after all...


Sugar; it’s our number one tastes-so-good, gets-us-through-the-slump indulgence, but too much of it can have repercussions on our health, like an increased risk of diabetes for one, and an impact on our waistlines for another.

Sure, we know to ditch the fizzy drinks, and cut back on other naughty treats like ice cream and chocolate, but what about the supposedly healthy foods we scoff on the regular?

According to nutritionist Sarah Flower, we could be unknowingly consuming excess sugar by eating foods that are marketed as healthy. “We are eating on average 30 to 40 teaspoons of the white stuff per day and it is having a dramatic effect on our bodies as well as our waistlines,” she told The Daily Mail.

Reckon that sounds like a lot? It is. According to the World Health Organisation our daily intake should be no more than six grams.

So what should we be looking out for? A quick search on My Fitness Pal confirms that these five foods rack up more than 10g of the sweet stuff per serving, making them more sugary than a plain doughnut. The lesson? When in doubt, check the label.


It’s protein-rich and great for keeping you satisfied between meals, but thanks to added sweeteners and flavourings, many yoghurts contain up to 16g of sugar per pot. Yikes! You don’t have to give up your fave creamy snack completely though. For a healthier option, skip anything marked low fat or light, and opt for full fat, natural yoghurt.

Flavoured waters

Volvic Touch Of Fruit has a whopping 13.7g of sugar per serving. A healthier option? Make your own infused water at home, by adding slices of lemon, lime or cucumber to your bottle. It’ll cut the sugar, but keep the flavour.


They’re great for grabbing on the go, but your smoothie habit could be bad for your waistline. An Innocent Superfood smoothie, for example, contains a not-so-innocent 13g of sugar per serving. Still wanna get your smoothie fix? Make your own using a mix of both fruits and green veggies, to cut some of the sugar.

Coconut water

It’s touted as the ultimate in hydration but a 330ml box of coconut water racks up 16g of sugar. We’ll still be guzzling it post-workout though, just in moderation.


Turns out granola might not be the healthiest way to start your day. A bowl of Tesco’s Finest Nut Granola for example, stacks up 10g of sugar per bowl. Can’t do without your morning bowl of crunch? Try The Clean Eating Machine’s Naked Granola recipe. It’s free from refined sugars and other naughty extras.