5 Of The Worst Chat Up Lines We’ve Heard On Tinder

From the cheesy to the downright gross, our readers spill on the worst lines they've heard while swiping right.

Girl Using Tinder App

If you’re single, then you’ve probably used Tinder, and while it’s totes possible that you could meet your match and romance might blossom, it’s also totally likely that you’ll get a few cheesy, creepy, or just all-out unsavoury chat up lines.

Here are a few of the worst ones our readers have encountered.

Vicky, 27

I’m a self-confessed Tinder addict, so I’ve heard my fair share of dodgy pick up lines, but probably the worst one was from a really cute doctor I’d just matched with.

His opener was “If I was a terrorist I’d rate you 9/11.” Needless to say I never messaged him back.

Sophie, 29

There was one guy who communicated purely in emojis. ??✊?? I believe was his opening message. Top marks for creativity, I guess.

Nadine, 24

Thankfully I wasn’t on the app for too long so I didn’t encounter too many sleazy guys, but right before I matched with my now boyfriend, I did get one not-so-nice message from some creep asking if he could “borrow my face for halloween.” I’m still confused as to whether that was meant to be a compliment or an insult.

Lisa, 21

The worst pick up line I’ve received? “What’s the difference between me and your couch? My couch pulls out.” What a charmer!

Mary, 20

My friends are always complaining about being sent dick pics and rude messages from their matches but I haven’t heard anything too bad. Probably the cheesiest line was, “What do you do apart from being sexy?” I was cringing for him!

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