5 Seriously Entertaining Podcasts To Get You Thinking (And Laughing)

It's time to get listening.

There’s just something about a good podcast that really gets us talking. They’re perfect for a road trip and long walk or to simply give your eyes a rest from Netflix.

Here are our picks for the 5 best podcasts that will entertain.

1. The Morning Toast

More popularly an Instagram/Facebook live show, the Morning Toast is hosted by sisters Claudia and Jackie Oshrey. Claudia is the mind behind the hilarious GirlWithNoJob Instagram page and along with her sister, they provide and round up of American celebrity and entertainment stories everyday, accompanied by their brutally honest opinions, often causing quite a stir. After a scandal surrounding their previous podcast The Morning Breath, the girls bounced back with their truly original format and hilarious banter.

2. The High Low

The posh British duo of writers, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, are back on the podcast scene after finishing up The PanDolly Podcast last year. The ladies mix up their chat, discussing trivial topics such as Cardi B and the political stances on sexual harassment in the workplace. The podcast is short and sweet, with the witty, clever duo getting straight to the point, no rambling allowed.

3. Ctrl Alt Delete

It's my TWO YEAR #CtrlAltDelete podcast anniversary, to the day. I've spoken to over 100 incredible creatives and it's honestly enriched my life so much. I told a friend the other day how much money I earn each month from the podcast, not to show off, but to show that it is actually…. a job. It's only one part of my job but it's still a monthly salary, like we all need. We were talking about how people don't really see these new things as a 'real job'. I get it. But it's not that much different from working at a magazine, like I used to do. I promote things and interview people and people buy and share online the things we discuss (books, cinema tickets, new launches) off the back of listening. Its a platform I'm proud of and I've spoken to MPs, activists, Oscar-nominated directors, poets, entrepreneurs, mental health campaigners. It started from a few dodgy Skype calls knowing it might be a medium on the rise (and how much I love audio) and it's evolved since, grown to 2 million downloads with live shows at BFI, Cheltenham Festival, Waterstones and Wilderness in the summer. It's good to start small small small bit that's the thing: just start somewhere.

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If you were part of the generation that first grew up with the internet being introduced, then you’ll love the conversations in Emma Gannon’s first podcast. The former social media editor for Glamour talks to fellow authors and friends about their own relationship with their internet, throughout their childhood and today. Guests on the podcast include Dawn O’Porter, Lena Dunham, Zoella and Louise O’Neill, all providing a range of insightful discussion.

4. Private Parts

Relatively new to the podcast scene, Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle from Made in Chelsea fame, provide a free format, fun and silly show. The podcast, which is hugely popular on the UK charts, is led by the unlikely friends, ranging from Jamie’s childish humour to Francis’ serious tone. This relationship provides a whole lot of laughs. Friends such as Charlotte Crosby, Boy George, Russell Kane and Spencer Matthews, who spoke candidly about his relationship with Vogue Williams, feature on episodes.

5. My Dad Wrote A Porno

This hilarious show has taken the podcast world by storm. Hosted by Jamie Morton, Alice Levine and James Cooper, this sex podcast revolves around Jamie reading his dads erotic novel he found in his garden shed. Hilarious right? With his trusty sidekicks to comment, the episodes get more and more addictive. You’ll have to take a break to recover from laughing stitch you’ve got after listening to Jamie’s accents as he reads his own fathers porno. And for any super fans, live shows are up and running!


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