5 Things Guys Really Don’t Notice During Sex

Think you know what your man's thinking while you're getting frisky? Well, chances are he's thinking the total opposite.

Let’s face it; sex is a very intimate thing, you are stark naked in front of another person and exchanging, er, liquids, so, understandably you’re going to feel pretty self conscious, right? Well, you needn’t be because most of the things you think he’s thinking while you’re doing the nasty just aren’t true, in fact he’s probably thinking the exact opposite.

Here are just a few things guys really don’t notice when you’re having sex…

1. Stomach rolls

fat rolls

Stomach rolls are inevitable, they’re going to happen and we need to just accept it. But, you need to stop thinking that you’re SO is going to notice them and get seriously turned off by them while you’re trying out a new, complicated position. Trust us, he’s not. Your rolls are the furthest thing from his mind, all he’s thinking is about how much he loves this new position and how hot you look doing it.

2. How long it takes you to come

mila kunis

You always notice how long it takes him to come, so you think it must be the same for him, right? Wrong. He’s too caught up with sexy time to notice if it takes you 10 seconds or 10 minutes (usually the latter, we know). So, don’t feel under pressure to come ASAP for his ego, take your time and enjoy.

3. What’s that weird smell?

you smell funny

If you decide to get down and dirty in the morning pre-shower, you may not be feeling super fresh, but trust us, he won’t notice a thing. “It might sound  a bit weird but I love when my girlfriend and I have morning sex, she doesn’t get a chance to put on all those smelly products and I get to smell her natural scent; it’s such a turn on for me!” says Ciaran, 23.

4. Sex with his ex

taylor swift

Exes are exes for a reason, so there’s no point being super paranoid about your other half’s blast from the past, especially when it comes to sex. Each relationship brings with it new sexual experiences, and past sexual experiences become insignificant and some even become laughable. Trust us, if he’s having sex with you, he is thinking about you and only you.

5. No make-up

jenna marbles

If you’re not wearing make-up while you’re getting frisky, don’t worry, it’s the last thing on his mind. Take it from Jake, 28. “I love when my girlfriend has no make-up on,” he tell us. “She looks so much better without all that gunk on her face, trying to make her realise that is the hard part though!”

The more you know, eh?


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