6 Celebrity BFFs That Give Us Total #SquadGoals

The newly formed dream trio, Emma Stone, Adele and J.Law, have got us thinking about which celeb BFFs we'd (almost) sacrifice our own friends for.

When we discovered that Emma Stone, J-Law and Adele were all besties we died a little inside. I mean, could you think of a better group to hang with? We imagine they spend their time discussing The Hunger Games and ex Boyfs; both topics of convo that are right up our street.

But they’re not the only A-listers that give us major friendship envy. Sure, we’d never actually replace our own gal pals, but we sure would love some hangout time with these celebrity besties…

1. Gigi, Kendall and Cara

gigi kendall caraThere’s never an event where this supermodel trio aren’t glued to each other’s sides. The besties have bonded while modelling for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Victoria’s Secret and many others. The gals are apparently super nice too and always there for each other. We’re totally available if they have another spot free in their gang!

2. Courtney and Jennifer

jen and courtney

Court and Jen give us ultimate #squadgoals as their friendship has definitely stood the test of time. They’ve had an unbreakable bond since Friends first aired a whole 21 years ago, and through new loves and messy divorces, these two have said ‘I’ll be there for youuuu’ whatever the drama.

3. Katy and Rihanna

katy and rihanna

These superstars became the best of friends after bonding over a sparkly purse (we can totally relate!) in 2009. Although the two have had a few fallouts, like Rihanna not attending Katy’s wedding for one, their friendship still remains strong and we’re seriously hoping for a duet, or a quirky fashion collab some day soon.

4. Lauren and Lo

Lauren and LoThis dynamic duo won us over back in the Laguna Beach days. Lauren and Lo were the only legit friends on the show who were always there for each other and still remain friends to this day. They’re both seriously fashion and make-up savy too, so we feel like they’d really get on with the STELLAR gal, right?! Right.

5. Amy and Tina

amy and tina

Amy and Tina are the funniest gals in the world ATM and their fab friendship just enhances their comedy. The two first started working together on Saturday Night Live and since then they’ve made a series of hit films and shows that are belly-achingly hilarious! Our abs would be rock hard if these funny friends were in our squad.

6. Ed and Taylor

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.27.59

Who said boys and girls can’t be besties? Ed and Tay prove that a boy and girl can have just a platonic relationship and we absolutely heart them for it. The two have been great friends for a long time now and they’re putting their friendship to good use by making great music too!

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