6 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were On Tinder

Meet the stars that are seeking an app-y ending on Tinder.

tinderIt’s good to know that no matter how rich and famous some our fave superstars become, they still suffer the same problems with their love lives as us mere mortals! Sigh. You might think that being rich, gorgeous and desired by millions of fans would make finding a life partner easy, but apparently not. So after some snooping, we discovered that some celebs have turned to Tinder just like us.

1. Lily Allen


Remember Lily Allen? The Smile singer fueled breakup rumors by taking to Twitter to tell everyone that she was signing up on Tinder. Cue a billon dudes around the globe also downloading the app.

2. Lindsay Lohan


Not only is the Mean Girls actress on Tinder, but apparently her brother is, too, as Lindsay uploaded a screenshot of  his account to her Instagram.  Potentially matching with your brother? #Awkward!

3. Graham Norton

BpsvxS8IEAEgnNDGraham recently split from his boyfriend Andrew Smith during the summer and now it looks like he’s ready to get back in the dating game. Graham’s profile includes pictures of him on holiday and another image sees him in full motorbike gear. We’re always available for a drink and natter, if you’re free Graham?

4. Katy Perry


Katy admitted that she uses Tinder pretty often, so hopefully she’ll have some luck soon. Users are likely attracted to her bold sense of style and stunning good looks, and let’s be honest, after her sordid relationship with John Mayer and her disastrous divorce from actor and comedian Russell Brand, we’re rooting for her.

5. Britney Spears


When she appeared on Jimmy Fallon in 2014, the chat show host convinced Ms. Spears to join the dating app. But before you get your hopes up, it looks like she’s just using it to promote her perfume. Well, a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do, right?

6. Leonardo DiCaprio


Imagine coming across the King of the World on Tinder! What do you even ask him? What was it like to date Rihanna? What does Martin Scorsese smell like? We’d swipe right for sure.

By Jennifer Conway


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