7 Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Over Your Hangover

You're in the horrors. Here's how to feel like a normal person again – fast!

girl with a hangover

You’ve a banging sore head, you’ve a horrible feeling you might throw up and your memories from last night are super sketchy. If you could take back that last tequila slammer you would, but you know that’s not possible. Ugh.

Hangovers suck, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re feeling better in a snap.

Here’s how:

1. Skip coffee

It narrows your blood vessels, boosts your blood pressure and increases dehydration, all of which can make a banging headache even worse. That said, if you’re a major coffee fiend, you shouldn’t skip your brew completely, or you’ll have caffeine withdrawal to contend with too. The lesson? If you must drink it, do so in moderation.

2. Eat a bacon sandwich

Ditch the greasy food, and steer clear of the takeaway menu, because according to science one of the best things you can eat on a hangover is a grilled bacon sandwich. The combo of carbs and protein makes it perfect for replacing lost vitamins and minerals. Can’t stomach it? Don’t worry, researchers at Newcastle University found that simply smelling a bacon sandwich had hangover-improving benefits.

3. Drink coconut water

A carton of coconut water packs more potassium than a banana, is mega hydrating and is deadly at replacing electrolytes lost after a heavy night on the vino. Better yet, if you struggle to get down water the morning after, coconut water may be a little more palatable.

4. Watch something funny

Chances are you’re already in bed contemplating a Netflix binge. Opt for comedies, when choosing your movie of choice. The release of endorphins will help to lessen feelings of depression if you’re suffering from a case of the vodka blues, and it’s even been known to lessen pain.

5. Workout, but only a little

Nobody is saying you should blast out a session at the gym, but a few stretches or a ten minute dander to the shops, will help to get your blood pumping and in turn flush out those hangover-causing toxins faster.

6. Sleep

It seems obvious, but staying in bed for an extra few hours gives your body the rest it needs to heal. In fact, according to the Johns Hopkins University Of Baltimore, being sleep deprived can make your hangover dramatically worse. If you’re having bother nodding off, pop on an eye mask, and practice relaxation techniques until you can get to sleep. Chances are, when you wake in a few hours time, your bod will have had a chance to repair itself.

7. Drink flat lemonade

It’s every Irish mammy’s favourite cure and it turns out there may be some science behind it. In a study published in the Food And Function journal, it was found that drinking lemonade helped the body better metabolise booze by improving it’s ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase, which is believed to be the culprit for those nasty hangover symptoms.