8 Hangover Prevention Tricks That Actually Work

You know it's going to be a heavy weekend. We've developed a few tricks to nix that nasty hangover before it happens.


1. Eat up

Of course you don’t want to look or feel bloated at a bar on a Saturday night, but the severity of a hangover isn’t just related to how much you drink, but how you metabolise alcohol — and that depends a lot on what you scoff beforehand, girlfriend. Make sure to gobble a decent meal loaded with carbs, protein, and fat before you take your first sip of alcohol. Yes, we’re saying order that burger instead of a salad.

2. Get some zeds

This might sound pretty obvious, but most people don’t get nearly enough shut eye, ourselves included. While sleep won’t save you from a hangover, it will defo improve your immunity and get your bod ready to rugby tackle a night of heavy drinking — Tequila slammer, anyone?

3. Olive oil

It sounds crazy, yes, but we swear that it guards against killer, can’t-get-out-of-bed, bring-me-coffee-stat hangovers. If you’re desperate to save your morning-after, you’ll take a shot of straight oil before you start doing the real mccoy.

4. Cocktails shouldn’t taste like candy

If it has more colours than Katy Perry’s latest hairdo, move along; don’t order it. Drink simple cocktails that taste like alcohol. The less bartenders do to disguise the booze, the less likely it is to give you a pounding headache. Got it?

5. Guzzle water

So you knew this was coming. Get H20 happy before a big night out. It seems obvious, but if you alternate a glass of water with every vino it will help you rehydrate and minimise the dreaded alco effects. Bonus: you’ll likely drink less alcohol since you’ll be filling up on water. Plus, after all the boozy shenanigans, make sure to down a large glass of water before bed, and you’ll be well on your way to that early yoga class the next morning. #result

6. Go for the coconut

A carton of coconut water packs more potassium than a banana. Better yet, if you struggle to get down that glass of H2O after a big bender, coconut water may be a little more tolerable. It’s mega hydrating and is deadly at replacing electrolytes we lose after a heavy night on the sauce, so prepare your bod by chugging down a carton of Vita Coco before you hit the bar.

7. No Shots

We know, your gals are always trying to get you to do shots. And when you start saying no, you’re going to be crazy unpopular for a while. #buzzkill. But nothing messes up the aforementioned pacing like taking a shot. So learn to say NO. This might just be the hardest part. But you’ll thank us tomorrow.

8. Prep

You know what they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So get your fave hangover remedy in place before you start boozing. Keep a pint of water by your bed, and a loaf of bread beside the toaster, so your rescue remedies are close to hand when you stumble home. You’ll be amazed the difference a slice of toast and a glass of water will make come morning.

By Jennifer Conway.