A-HA! So This Is The Big Secret Behind Adele’s Weight Loss

Her trainer has revealed how she got in shape.

Adele Grammys 2016

Adele is one of our number one girl crushes and there’s no denying that she’s looking more fab than ever. Now her trainer Pete Geracimo has revealed the diet and exercise that helped her get in shape.

Her secret? A weights and circuits-based programme called the Modified Strongman workout. Pete explains to Heat Magazine “It’s one of the fastest and most efficient way of getting results.

“It trains a wide cross section of muscle groups and it’s very effective in boosting your metabolism and fat burning,” he continues.

Judging by Adele’s recent gym selfie, it also looks like it’s pretty tough work, too!

Adele Gym Selfie

It’s not just exercise that’s played a big part in Adele’s shape up though, she’s also made some big changes diet wise. “She’s eating a really clean diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables, plus lean protein and complex carbohydrates,” Pete reveals.

For Adele though, changing her lifestyle is less about losing weight and more about having the stamina for her new 105-date tour which kicks off at the end of the month. Either way, we reckon she’s looking healthier and happier than ever before.


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