A-HA! So This Is What Those Random Little Buttons On Your Jean Pockets Are For

Mystery solved.

Rivets on jeans

Few things get passed us when it comes to fashion. We’re first to shop the trends that are straight off the runway, we’re deadly at scouting out all the best bargains in Penneys and we know how to work tit tape like it’s nobody’s business.

But those little metal buttons on your jeans pockets? Yeah, we have absolutely no idea what they’re for. Well, until now…

See, the clever folks at Elite Daily have it all figured out. Turns out those buttons have a pretty major function.

In fact, they’re real name is rivets and they’re primary purpose is to stop your jeans from splitting, which I think we can all agree is pretty important.

Of course, they were more useful back in the day when jeans first became fashionable and were often worn to do active jobs.

At the time, miners and other tradesmen would complain about their worn-out denim and it was this that prompted Levi Strauss to patent rivet-style jeans

So there you have it. You can sleep easy tonight.


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