A-Ha! So This Is Why Jessica From 13 Reasons Why Looks So Damn Familiar

Turns out she's been in loads of shows.

Now that we’ve finished binging-watching 13 Reasons Why there’s a huge hole in our lives; one that can only be filled by Googling fan theories and getting to know each member of the cast a little better.

We already figured out why we recognised Clay Jensen, now we know why Jessica, played by actress Alisha Boe looks super familiar.

Turns out the Norwegian-born actress has actually been on loads of shows.

Notably she played Tara in Paranormal Activity 4 and she also made an appearance on Modern Family, playing Tracy McCoy, who messes up Mitch and Cam’s plans to book the perfect wedding venue.

Her other appearances include Chelsea in the pilot episode of Trophy Wife and Brynn Hendy on sci-fi series Extant.

Basically, she’s been in so many different shows it’s little wonder she’s recognisable.

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