A-Ha! We Had Literally NO IDEA That This Is What H&M Stands For

Who knew?! Not us.


Given that we shop there, er, more than we’d like to admit, you’d imagine that we’d probably know a thing or two about everyone’s fave-o shopping desto H&M.

Unforch, we only really know two things about this high street hotspot: one) we spend waaaay too much money there, and two) we’re guaranteed to leave with at least two bag loads of stuff, when really all we went in for was a basic tee.

Chief among the store’s trivia though is what those two iconic letters actually stand for, and we’ll happily confess that up until today, we had literally no clue.

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Thankfully, The Today Show pointed us in the right direction, and revealed that H&M actually stands for Hennes and Mauritz.

That’s pronounced ‘hen’ and ‘maury-ritz’, FYI, just in case you can’t get your tongue around it.

So how did the name come about? Well, when H&M first started out in 1968 it was actually called Hennes, swedish for ‘Hers’. It wasn’t until 1968 when the brand took over another retailer, Mauritz Widforss, that they added the second part of their name.

Eventually, Hennes and Mauritz was shortened to H&M and the rest, as they say, is history.


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