A Poll Has Revealed Whether People Think A One Night Stand Counts As Cheating

And we were more than a little surprised at the results.

Couple Kissing

What really counts as cheating? When we asked four Irish lads that question last September the answers ranged from sexual contact and kissing someone on a night out to sexting and flirting, proving that when it comes to defining cheating things are never black and white.

But what about one night stands? Does one little misdemeanour really count? According to a survey by OneNightFling.com, one in ten people reckon that nope, it absolutely doesn’t, and we have to ask, who are these people, because if doing the deed with someone who isn’t your other half doesn’t count as cheating, then what on earth does?

Well, weirdly, according to four in 10 peeps watching porn or posting a sexy selfie are major no-nos when it comes to staying faithful. While one in three ‘fessed that they’d be annoyed if their SO used a sex toy and one in two said that messaging someone from the opposite sex was definitely not allowed.

While we do think it’s a little strange that more people would be upset if their other half sent a flirty text than if they’d actually had sex with someone else, we guess David Moore of OneNightFling.com sums things up.

Commenting on the results, he says, “everyone is different and all couples have different boundaries – what is acceptable for one person is a breach of trust to another.”

Each to their own we guess, but probably best to clarify things with your partner first.


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