A Sentence Has Been Handed Down For Dani Mathers, The Playboy Model Who Body-Shamed A Woman At The Gym

The image went viral in July last year.

The internet was aghast last July when a Playboy model publicly shamed a woman at her gym on her Snapchat.

Dani Mathers shared a pic of herself appearing to sneer at a woman undressing in the gym along with the caption “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.”

Now a sentence has been handed down for Dani who faced trial for invasion of privacy.

In November, Dani pleaded no contest, and has since been found guilty of the charges. As for the sentencing, today the model was given two options: to either serve 45 days in jail or spend 30 days removing graffiti as part of a community service order.

Not surprisingly, Dani has chosen the latter option meaning she will evade jail time for her actions.

According to NBC, “Mathers will also have to pay the victim $60 for a new backpack, because she could be recognised by the one seen in the photo.”

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