A Video Of Beyonce’s Birthday Party Was Just Leaked And It Features A *VERY* Special Guest

Our favourite people all together!


We have long since known that any Beyonce party, whether a Birthday/Christmas/Easter/Superbowl or other party, is one we want to be at.

But now, the FOMO has well and truly taken over after a video emerged of none other than former first lady Michelle Obama partying it up with Bey, Solange and other gal pasl at Beyonce’s birthday party last year.



Not only are the fiercest women on the planet blessing us with their joined presence, they seem to be shading someone? Or everyone? The beauty’s are feeling SASSY AF as they say ‘Bye Felicia’ into their phones…. WHO IS FELICIA?! WE NEED TO KNOW!

Either way, our year has well and truly been made.