Apparently It’s Not That Uncommon To Poo During An Orgasm

Well this is unsettling...

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A story on Reddit recently left us horrified. Said story was the tale of a man, who is only known by his Reddit username Nonononoshitshitshit, who was spending a delightful morning in bed with a lady friend he’d only recently started seeing.

Said guy was feeling a little, er, fragile and chose to ignore the painful rumbles in his stomach as he lay there with his new lady love, which was all very well and good – until things got physical.

Then after a blowjob, or as Nonononoshitshitshit describes it “some mouth to rod action” he climaxes and the inevitable happens:

“That beautiful moment was accompanied by a sound….a loud “FFFWWWWIIIIIPPPP!”…. The force of my flatus fired a spray of barely digested butt nuggets all over the bed and on this woman’s chest. I’m laying there absolutely mortified, my eyes were bigger than Godzilla’s balls and she is laying there beside my balls, gagging with my wasted seed and shit all over her.”

While that story may be horrifying, even more horrifying is the fact that experts say it’s not uncommon and it can happen to us girls too.

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“It can happen, and it’s not abnormal,” sex therapist Lisa Lawless explains to Women’s Health Mag. She explains that if a woman orgasms and bears down at the same time, then yes, some poop can slip out.

It’s similar to what happens in childbirth. You see the muscles you use to poo are the same muscles you also use to give birth and orgasm, so naturally, if you already kinda need to do a number two, and you push down hard on those muscles a little something might just come out.

Thankfully the fix is obvious: take a trip to the toilet before you get down to business with your beau. And if the inevitable happens? “If you feel awkward and bad, your partner’s going to feel awkward and bad,” says Lawless, so we guess the trick is to (somehow!) laugh off your mortification.

Oh, and incase you were wondering, things worked out well for Nonononoshitshitshit and the girl from the story above. They cleaned up the mess together, she looked after him for the day and a few years down the line they’re now engaged.

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