Apprentice Star Dillon St. Paul Has Written A Candid Blog Post About Undergoing Brain Surgery

STELLAR staffer Dillon recently suffered a medical emergency and has opened up about the experience on his blog.

Dillon St Paul

Dillon St. Paul, star of BBC’s The Apprentice and STELLAR alumni has revealed that he’s currently recovering from brain surgery.

The art director was working in our offices two weeks ago when he suffered a seizure.

“My left hand felt like it was moving in thick jelly and my speech froze,” Dillon recalls on his website “I say speech rather than mouth because it felt like the power to communicate deserted me not just the mechanism, if that makes sense. This was the moment my first seizure began.”

Dillon was then rushed to hospital in an ambulance where it was discovered after a number of brain scans that he had a low-grade giloma tumour.

“It had caused my seizure and was located on the right side of my brain in an area I was told was easily operable,” Dillon explains.

After undergoing surgery, the reality star writes that he was in a “world of pain” both physically and emotionally.

“During that first night I genuinely felt like I was dying. This is too personal to go into now, but I cried a lot and pined for friends and family. I really pined for my friend Jessica from The Apprentice but she was in the CBB house in the UK at the time and I couldn’t reach her properly. Life’s a bitch.”

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Dillon added that his medical crisis has sparked differing reactions from friends and family.

“It’s a cliché, but you will be surprised by who steps up and who steps back. In a drugged state, I tried to contact those I loved only to have some make no response or worse, really immature shitty remarks, while others sent bouquets and held my hand. A crisis like this truly separates those who care from those who don’t give a damn,” he explained.

Thankfully, Dillon is slowly but surely making improvements.

“I’m very aware that this will not be the most amazing post you’ve ever read but the fact I’ve managed to write a week after brain surgery is good enough for me,” he notes.

We’re wishing Dillon a very speedy recovery. Get well soon!

You can read his full blog post here.

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