“Are You Excited To See Your Dad?” Khloe Gets Mercilessly Trolled By Fans After News Of OJ Simpson’s Release

He's due to be released in October.

When news broke yesterday that OJ Simpson had been granted parole, droves of fans took to Instagram to troll Khloe Kardashian.

It’s long been suspected that the former NFL star, who was famously acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in 1995, is Khloe Kardashian’s real father.

The rumours began when Khloe’s mother Kris admitted to having an affair around the time her third daughter was conceived and, in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe even discussed taking a DNA test to disprove the speculation once and for all.

Despite there being no concrete evidence that OJ Simpson is in fact Khloe’s real father, fans still took to the star’s recent Instagram pic to troll her about his upcoming release.

“Are you excited to see your dad? I know I would be after 9 years! Congrats!” joked one fan.

“I’m pretty sure Tristan would love to meet his future father-in-law,” another fan added, while countless others simply wrote “Daddy’s coming home.”

In June last year, OJ’s prison guard claimed on a documentary that Khloe and her rumoured dad had been in touch throughout his prison sentence.

“The mom Kardashian does not talk to OJ. She’s upset with OJ for her thinking that he killed her best friend, Nicole Brown,” guard Jeffery Felix told Kardashian: The Man Who Saved OJ Simpson.

“But I know he still talks to Khloe behind her back. In the prison, the phone calls have to be made out by OJ, so he would call at least once a week. That was his way of keeping up with the Kardashians.”

He goes on to claim that Khloe demanded a parternity test during one of these calls. “One day I could hear Khloe screaming in the phone,” Felix told the documentary. “He said she was upset because she wanted him to take a paternity test, because the media is all over him, to see if OJ is her actual dad – and OJ told her ‘no’”.

OJ is currently serving time in Lovelock Correctional Centre in Nevada for armed robbery and is due for release in October.