At War? So Apparently This Is Why Cheryl And Sarah Harding Have Had A Massive Falling Out

They're apparently on very bad terms right now.

It hurts our souls to think that members of some of our favourite bands don’t get along, and that’s why we’re pretty miffed to hear that ex bandmates Cheryl and Sarah Harding are reportedly feuding.

The former Girls Aloud members have apparently always had a rocky relationship but rumours that they’re on band terms were reignited this week when Cheryl handed Sarah the ultimate insult and unfollowed her on Twitter. Ouch.

Shortly after the snub, Sarah took to her Instagram account to post a cryptic message that reads “Reminder: Those who hurt you will eventually face their own karma.”

Now fans and news outlets alike have been speculating about what has caused the former popstars to fall out.

One theory suggests that it’s linked to Sarah’s wild partying during the height of their fame. At the time, Cheryl opened up about a family member’s drink and drugs problems, and so it’s thought she may have pulled away from her former bandmate while she was battling her own demons.

Could their latest feud just be residual bad feelings from Cheryl’s snub back in the day? Possibly, but as yet, neither of the girls have spoken out about their rumoured bad blood.

Expect more tactical social media behaviour and cryptic Instagram posts to come.

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