ATTN: There Are 5 Different Types Of Bum In The World. Which One Are You?

Heart, square, V-Shape?

Woman's Bum

Ever been stuck in a changing room trying to wiggle your ar*se into a pair of skinny jeans but to no avail? Or maybe you’ve the opposite problem, and no matter how much you seem to splurge on a pair of tight-fit, rigid denims your jeans still seem to sag at the ass.

Well, it might not be the size of your booty that’s to blame, but instead the shape, at least, that is according to plastic surgeon Dr Matthew Schulman who has summarised to Cosmopolitan that there are five very specific different shapes of derrière in this world.

Why should you care? Well according to Dr Schulman knowing your shape can prevent a lifetime of unflattering underwear and jeans that do nothing for your figure.

So without further ado, which one are you?


Got a booty Sir Mix A Lot Would rap about? This is the booty shape Dr Schulman is most commonly asked for, with his clients often requesting a shape that resembles Kim K’s, J-Lo’s or Beyonce’s derrieres. If you’re shopping for jeans you may need to go up a size to give your bum full coverage.

A Shape

This shape is most common in pear-shaped girls. Reckon you’ve got it? This bum widens below the hip bones, meaning if you’re in the market for new undies it’s best to go for styles with high-cut legs.

Upside down heart

This one’s large and curvy, kinda like a round bum but with a little more volume towards the bottom of the rear. Jeans with pockets that sit low on the bum or have built-in butt-lifting like Freddy Jeans are good for you.


If you have a square butt your hip bone and outer thigh will run perpendicular to the ground. This shape should opt for styles that that hit high on the thigh.

V Shape

Like the name suggests, this shape starts wider at the top and narrows at the bottom. It can tend to look saggy from behind, so be sure that the opening of your underwear cups just under each cheek. It’ll give you a natural butt lift.

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