Awks! Here’s Why Millie Mackintosh And Her Fella Were Embarrassingly Turned Away From A Party At LFW

Scarlet for them.

Anyone who ever rocked up to a nightclub when they were younger, handed over a fake ID and didn’t get in, will know the absolute mortification of being turned away from a party.

Spare a thought for Millie Mackintosh and her beau Hugo Taylor who encountered that incredibly embarrassing scenario earlier this week, and had the whole thing caught on camera by paps. Argh.

Millie and Hugo showed up at a private members’ club to attend the LOVE Magazine party at London Fashion Week where they happily posed outside for photos taken by waiting paparazzi.

So far. So normal.

Sadly, it was a different story when the Made In Chelsea couple tried to make their way into the club.

Despite being dressed in their best, the pair were denied entry at the door, and had to turn themselves back around. The couple headed straight for the nearest taxi, but not before paps caught them on camera scurrying away from the club covering their faces.

So why’d they get turned away?

A rep for LOVE has confirmed to The Daily Mail that the answer is simple: they weren’t invited.

“Millie was not a guest at this event. She tried to get in and was turned away,” they explained.

“Millie and Hugo weren’t invited. They were pictured outside when they arrived to a flurry of flashbulbs, but they weren’t let in,” an insider added

Ugh, that’s pretty mortifying.

Still, we’re sure there were plenty of other London clubs who would have been more than happy to have them that night.


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