Awks! Louise Thompson’s Brother Just Revealed How Much Effort Really Goes Into Her Instagram Pics

It's not as candid as it seems.

Louise Thompson

Unless you’re a social media star with a designated Instagram boyfriend to take all your snaps, taking pics is probably pretty low-key.

Pout, pose, click. It doesn’t get more complex than that.

For the rich and famous though, things are usually a bit more choreographed and though their snaps often look totally candid, we’ve a sneaky suspicious that just isn’t the case.

Awkwardly for MIC’s Louise Thompson, the lengths she goes to get her Insta pics just right have been leaked by her brother.

Recently the star has been posting a tonne of totally flawless pictures of her and her boyfriend Ryan Libbey traveling the world together. Just look, the snaps will give you major life envy…

Look of love ???? #tubtime #bubblesdarling #firstsoak except for the thunderstorm ⛈ #outdoorbathroom #jacuzzi

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets ?

A photo posted by Louise Thompson (@louise.thompson) on

But fans smelled a rat.

While the stunning locations, and, er, Louise and Ryan’s aesthetics certainly helped to make the pics just perfect, Lou’s followers were convinced she’d brought in professional help to get her snaps just so.

And thanks to Louise’s brother Sam we now know that they were completely on the money.

Teasing his sister, Sam took to Instagram to show fans how Louise’s social media snaps are curated, with the offending pic showing a photographer and lighting technician taking pics of Lou and Ryan in the pool.

Sam Thompson

So there you have it; the pics aren’t just candid as we thought, but it doesn’t make them any less stunning.

Still, if nothing else it makes us feel just a little better about all our own social snaps.

The things we could all do with professional photography team, eh?


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