Bella Hadid Reveals The One Meal She Eats Everyday And Fans Are Calling Bullsh*t

Giz a bite there Bella.

Bella Hadid

Models. We’ve no doubt that just like the rest of us they enjoy the odd slice of pizza, the occasional square (or five) of chocolate and a bucket load of wine every once and a while, but we’re also wise enough to know that about 80 percent of the time their diets are very, very controlled.

With that in mind, we were a tad shocked when Bella Hadid took to Snapchat and revealed that grilled cheese sambos, fries and ketchup are all apart of her daily diet.

In fact, according to Bella this humble plate is her everyday dish…

Bella Hadid Snapchat

While we’ve no doubt Bella would burn this off in a snap thanks to the daily exercise she puts in at the gym, the internet is doubting the credibility of her claims.

Meanwhile, Mama Hadid has said she’s spoiling Bella with burgers and fries post-Victoria’s Secret show

Sure it might not be your typical model menu, but who knows? Maybe Bella is sticking to protein-rich salads and green juices the rest of the day, or maybe she’s just got a great metabolism. Every body is different after all.

We guess that old adage rings true: it’s everything in moderation, and if that means cheese sambos and fries are on the menu then we’re in.


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