Blue Or White? The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over This Kate Spade Bag Right Now

Oh god, it's the dress all over again.

Kate Spade

White and gold or black and blue. That was the conundrum that stumped the internet when a striped party guna (quickly dubbed ‘The Dress’) went viral last year.

The Dress

Now there’s a brand new illusion and this time it’s the turn of a Kate Spade handbag.

The whole thing started when Twitter user Corso innocently shared a snap of her new handbag, and it quickly became apparent that her followers weren’t seeing the same colour as she was.

‘White. Daring.” one user commented, and when Corso hit back with “It’s blue” that’s when it all kicked off with thousands of likes, loadsa comments and around 300 RTs with Twitter users all debating the big question of the day: is the bag white or blue?

In a bid to settle the debate once and for all, some tweeters even hit up the Kate Spade website to prove that the bag’s colour is actually listed as “mystic blue”.

Look, we see a WHITE bag. We don’t care if it’s technically mystic blue… or pink or orange for that matter. Now, can we just move on with our lives please? Okay, great, thanks.

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