Bluetooth Tampons Are Coming And They’re Going To Be Super Useful

We can't believe somebody didn't think of this sooner.


Women have had periods since the beginning of time, but throughout the centuries we’ve changed the way we’ve dealt with them.

In ancient times it’s suggested that women used small wooden sticks covered in lint to absorb their flow, while in the 16th century many women wore a belted girdle that suspended an absorbent pad between their legs during their time of the month.

The modern day method of using sanitary pads and tampons first became commonplace in the 1930s, and except for a few tweaks, like the addition of wings and added absorbency, little has changed since then.

That is, until now.

Introducing the Bluetooth tampon, which could be on the market as soon as 2017.

My Flow

Created by a startup company called my.flow, the new high-tech tampon will let you know when your tampon is completely saturated and needs to be changed, meaning no more embarrassing mishaps or ruined underwear.

It’s made with a longer string (it’s between six and 12 inches, FYI) that’s connected to a Bluetooth module you wear on your wrist. The moisture sensor will then measure the tampon’s level of saturation and send a notification to your phone when it needs to be changed.

My Flow Tampon

Pretty smart, huh?

The my.flow isn’t without its drawbacks though. In particular, it could make your period a bit more expensive, expected to retail at around €45 for the wrist module and around €12 for a month’s supply of tampons.

But with no leaks it could be a price worth paying.

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