Boo! Quality Street Has Removed One Of The BEST Sweets From Their Tubs This Year

Why, Nestlé, why?

Quality Street

If you’re anything like us, you’ll likely start Christmas in the same old fashion: by cracking open a tub of Quality Street and gorging on more sweets than is probably medically advised.

But alas, it seems that one of our favourite Christmas traditions, may never be the same again, as Quality Street have announced they’ll be making some unwelcome changes to this year’s tin by axing one of their favourite sweets. Sob.

The candy that’s unfortunately getting the chop is the Toffee Deluxe and we really can’t understand why.

Quality Street Toffee Deluxe

Like, if you’re going to get rid of something surely it should be the sickly strawberry one or that terrible orange abomination, no?! Just us?

The only saving grace of this crappy news is that Quality Street have offered a replacement for the Toffee Deluxe with the Honeycomb Crunch.

Hmm. That softens the blow somewhat, but we’re still we’re going to miss that chewy toffee candy with its creamy milk chocolate coating.

Quality Street, if you’re reading this, how about you just leave everyone’s favourite Christmas tub as is, okay?


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