Brace Yourselves, Lads. The Weather Is About To Take A Serious Turn For The Worse

Rain, wind and snow are all on their way. Oh goody.

As far as Februarys go, it hasn’t been a bad one. Temps have stayed relatively mild, it’s been pretty dry and as of yet we haven’t seen any snow.

Sadly, that’s all about to change according to Met Éireann, who have issued a yellow status weather warning for most of the country.

From midnight on Wednesday through to late Thursday night, we’re to brace ourselves for strong gusts and heavy rain, associated with the onset of Storm Doris.

They’re also predicting that there’ll be a smattering of snow, though hopefully only on high ground.

Thankfully, the brunt of the bad weather is predicted to blow over (sorry) come Friday so fingers crossed it won’t scupper any of your weekend plans.


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