#BreakupIn5Words Is The New Hashtag That Everyone’s Talking About

Just when you thought breakups couldn't get any worse, the #BreakupIn5Words hashtag comes along.

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Think your breakup was bad? Think again! Just when you thought you’d heard it all when it came to messy breakups a new method for breaking it off with your beau has been introduced on Twitter and it’s waaaay harsh.

Some, er, thoughtful Twitter users have started the hashtag #BreakUpInFiveWords to share the numerous ways you can split up with your other half using, you guessed it, just five words. The hashtag was inspired by US show Midnight who asked their guests to come up with the best five word breakups.

Sounds mean? It is, but luckily, most of the tweets are just jokes, that we’re hoping wouldn’t be used in an actual breakup sitch.


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A few of our favourite five-word breakup tweets?  “Sorry, I ate all your fries” and “Sorry, being single is cheaper” had us floored.

Not everyone saw the funny side though, with some Twitter users getting a little more serious about the hashtag with tweets like “I don’t love you anymore” and “We just don’t have chemistry.” Ouch!

We really hope this never becomes an actual breakup method, or we’ll be coming away with some seriously bruised egos.

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