Britney Suffers Mortifying On-Stage Wardrobe Malfunction, Recovers From It Like An Absolute Boss

It'll take more than a nip slip to stop Britters.

Britney Spears has been in the spotlight long enough that she’s boss enough to handle even the most mortifying moments.

We guess that’s why, when Britters’ top fell down during an on-stage performance in Las Vegas, she barely even flinched, and instead continued performing while a nearby dancer helped her out.

Britney was performing her hit I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll on Sunday night when her leather bralet-style top began sliding off and exposed her breasts on stage.

Not to be deterred though, Brit just kept on dancing, using one hand to hold her top in place, while one of her backup dancers helped her shimmy into his shirt.

Staying pitch perfect while your top is slowly coming off? Yeah, that can’t have been easy.

This isn’t the first time Britney has suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Most recently the zipper on the back of her black bodysuit came undone during a performance, but instead of panicking Brit simply ran backstage for a second, fixed it up and came right back on to finish the song.

Ah, Britney, you absolute legend.