Broke But Hungry? We’ve Found The Best Cheap And Cheerful Lunch Options Across The Country

Eat well for lunch with Deliveroo.

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck in the office and the clock is slowly ticking towards lunch time. While everyone else is bragging about the delish eats they’ve got planned for lunch, you’ve got a dilemma. Er, you didn’t bring any food.

What’s worse, your dwindling pay cheque isn’t going to stretch to anything too expensive. So what’s a gal to do?

Well, we’ve got it sussed. With the help of Deliveroo, we’ve scouted out the best budget-friendly meals across the country – and better yet, you can have them ordered straight to your door, so you don’t even need to leave the office. Chilling at home? These tasty meals also make a yummy lunch treat for an afternoon spent relaxing on the couch or working from home.

Here’s what to order if you don’t want to break the bank…



With six locations across the city, you’re spoilt for choice with this healthy eatery. Choose from a classic salad (this pulled chicken chipotle one is our fave) or get creative and design your own. Need a little more substance? Wraps and sandwiches are also on offer.

Umi Falafel

It’s no coincidence that Umi sounds a lot like yummy. This delish cafe has a bargain-friendly menu stuffed full of tasty falafel eats – and with dishes starting at €4, it’s easy on the wallet too.


Consider Cocu your one stop shop if you want to be good to both your wallet and your waistline. This budget restaurant is ever so healthy and their menu is to die for. We’re ordering the Hot Pot & Sweet Treat deal for a frugal €10.


Wa Cafe

The meal for one bundle is where it’s at in this city restaurant. For just €11.80 you’ll get a miso soup, sushi combo and a drink. The €11 Sushi Box, containing three nigiri and seven rolls is also a firm favourite with us.


Hearty food is a given at this tasty joint. Choose from burgers, noodles, chilli bowls, curries or salads, for a lunch that’s as delicious as it is budget-friendly.

High Cafe

This restaurant’s menu will make you salivate and there’s an option to suit every palate. Budget soups and salads start at just €4.30. We’ll order both, thanks!



It’s the pocket-friendly curry selection that’s got us really excited at this restaurant. We’re ordering the Red Duck Curry, €11, because it’s sure to keep us full the whole afternoon through.

La Cucina Centro

Fancy a pizza but don’t want to break the bank? Sorted. This restaurant’s pizza options start at just €10. Want to make it even cheaper? Go halves with a colleague and you’ve got yourself lunch for a fiver.


Love Japanese food? We’ve got just the ticket. This eatery has an extensive menu packed full of Bento options, rice bowls and wok fried noodles. The best bit? Main meals start at just €10.80.



There are so many tasty options at this restaurant that you’ll struggle to choose. Wok dishes, ramen and curries are all on offer – starting at just €11.95. And if you’re feeling particularly frugal? Order a kid’s option for €8.


If a light bite is what you’re after you can’t go wrong with the starter options at Koto. We’re salivating for their Sticky Glazed Chicken Wings for €6. Worked up an appetite? Order the Koto Stirfry, €12.

Burritos And Blues

Feeling super hungry? The Deliveroo Special for €15 from Burritos And Blues should be top of your order. It includes a grande chicken burrito, tortilla chips and a bottle of water. If that’s not to your fancy, burrito bowls are on offer for a purse-friendly €6.

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