‘Brutal’: Charlotte Crosby Unveils The Tattoo Stephen Bear Gave Her And She’s Definitely Going To Regret It In The Future

'What was she thinking?'

Getting a tattoo is usually something people put a lot of thought into. It’s going to be with you for life, so you best be sure it’s a design you’re going to love.

One celeb who’ll probably have a few regrets down the line about her latest inking is Charlotte Crosby, who let her boyfriend Stephen Bear, who she’s currently co-hosting new show Just Tattoo Of Us with, run wild with a tattoo needle.

Now, Char has finally revealed the design she let Stephen etch on to her skin, and it’s, um, just a little bit haphazard.

Stephen appears to have inked a fish, or perhaps an infinity symbol, we’re not quite sure, on to Charlotte’s arm, and it looks as though the ink has ran.
The reactions on Twitter have been unsurprisingly brutal…

Yeah, maybe choose someone with a more steady hand to do your next tattoo, Charlotte.

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