‘Caged’? So Jesy Nelson Just Said Some VERY Interesting Things About Her Rumoured Split From Jake Roche

One minute it seems like they're definitely off, the next it's looking like they're as loved up as ever.

Jesy and Jake

If you’ve been trying to keep up with Jesy Nelson and Jake’s Roche’s relationship as of late, then we won’t blame you for being a tad confused.

It looked like it was all over for the couple back in October, when Jesy unfollowed her fiancé on Instagram, before being spotted without her engagement ring shortly after. A friend of the couple’s confirmed it too, telling Reveal that the pair had split because Jake felt he was too young to get married and become a father.

Then everything flipped on its head when Jesy did an interview with Idolator, telling them that she and Jake were still “very much in love” and planned to get married “when the time is right.”

Confused? Us too, and now new comments from Jesy and her Little Mix bandmates have shaken things up even further.

Jesy Nelson Jake Roche

Chatting to OK! Jade Thirlwall said that her newly single bandmates Jesy and Perrie had turned into “party animals” after their splits.

“Oi Oi – we never used to be like that though…” Perrie interrupted, presumably referring to a time when the girls were both in relationships.

“No we were caged,” Jesy then added.

Caged? That doesn’t sound like a word a happily-engaged gal would you use, or does it?

Whatever’s going on in the girls’ love lives it certainly sounds like they’re having fun, with Jesy revealing that their nights out can get a bit “messy.”

“We get so drunk, it’s so much fun,” she said. “We’re nutters as it is, so as soon as we get a bit of drink down us we think we’re Beyoncé.”

Us too, Little Mix. Us too.


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