Charleen Murphy Opens Up About Being Attacked

"I'm much stronger than I thought I was"

Image via Instagram, @charleenmurphy

Dublin influencer Charleen Murphy has opened up about a traumatic experience from earlier this year, when she was assaulted in public.

Charleen featured on the most recent episode of the Going Viral: The Social Media Podcast, and spoke to host Eadaoin Fitzmaurice about how she’s been coping these last few months.

The beauty and fashion blogger had been enjoying a meal at a Dublin hotel when a man punched her from behind, forcing her head toward her glass and seriously wounding her face. Allegedly, the man involved was known to Charleen and her close circle as he had been abusing her online for some time.

Charleen shared with Eadaoin that she’s “working through it” and that it’s still “very fresh.” She expressed her gratitude for her friends and family who have given her “so much strength”, and shouted out her followers too for being “so so nice” and a source of strength to her throughout as well.

As the conversation turned to her online presence, Charleen explained her motives for sharing her story; “Knowing that people were watching me and they might have gone through something similar… if I come on and I show strength and have strength, that will inspire someone.”


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She went on to say that “being vulnerable is a beautiful thing, and people really appreciate it…it’s ok to have a bad day.” Charleen also spoke about going to therapy, and redefining her understanding of her emotional nature. “I’m much stronger than I thought I was. I’m a very emotional and vulnerable person, and I’ve always seen that as a weakness but now I think that’s my strength.”

“Just because you’re someone who maybe cries and feels vulnerable and is very open with your emotions, it doesn’t mean you’re not strong.”

We couldn’t agree more, Charleen! We’re sending all our love.