Charlotte Crosby’s Latest Insta Pic Has Fans Urging Her To Quit The Lip Fillers

Has she taken the procedure too far?

It’s hard to miss Charlotte Crosby’s transformation. Since starting out on Geordie Shore in 2011 she’s rapidly changed her appearance, and while the reality star is rumoured to have had many surgeries, including a rhinoplasty and an eye lift, it’s lip fillers that seem to be her procedure of choice.

Sadly though, Charlotte’s fans don’t seem to be as keen on her ever-growing pout as she is and have called her out for over doing it.

Taking to Instagram this morning, Charlotte shared a now-deleted selfie and fans were quick to slam her bee stung pout.

Charlotte Crosby

“Please stop with the lips, you’re ruining yourself and you’re starting to look absolutely ridiculous!” one fan writes under her morning snap.

“Leave your face alone!” another comments. “You’re only young, you’ll end up looking like Joan Rivers at this rate!”

While the comments on Charlotte’s appearance were overwhelming negative, there were fans who offered her their support.

One commenter writes “Lips are on point! Charlotte suits them, negativity gets you nowhere guys.”

Whatever the criticism though, we doubt Charlotte will stop with her procedure of choice anytime soon.

Back in February, she told the Daily Mail that she gets injectable lip fillers every five months, so we guess that, for now at least, her super plump pout is here to stay.

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