Conflicted? Bella Hadid Liked Then Unliked This Photo Of Her Ex The Weeknd

What does it all mean, Bella?

If you wanted proof that celebrities are just like the rest of us, then look no further than Bella Hadid’s recent Instagram activity.

The star in a serious case of overthinking (probably) liked and then quickly went back and unliked a pic of her former flame The Weeknd.

The pic in question was published on The Shade Room Instagram and shows The Weeknd looking very dapper on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

#TheWeeknd graces the cover of #Forbes magazine ??

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Tellingly, for a few brief seconds, the star’s ex, who he dated for a year and a half, gave her approval of the snap, before presumably realising that people would talk, and deciding to withdraw her love.

Of course, fans did talk, taking to social media to try and decipher what Bella’s social media activity could mean, but we reckon there’s nothing more here than two exes who have moved on from the past.

In fact, in an interview with Teen Vogue back in February, Bella said “I’ll always respect him, and I’ll always love him,” so we guess she was just showing her support.

Well, until she freaked out about what the fans might say…

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