Confronting?! The Internet Had A Bullsh*t Reaction To Lady Gaga’s ‘Stomach Rolls’ At The Super Bowl Last Night


Lady Gaga

She’s got six grammy awards to her name, four number one albums and last night Lady Gaga rocked the Super Bowl for a second time.

Performing at half time, Gaga blew the roof off with a mash up of her greatest hits.

But despite her deadly performance, the internet had some critiques. Not of her vocals or her dancing, but her body. Sigh.

During the second half of her performance, Gaga had a quick outfit change and came back on stage wearing a white crop top and glittery silver hotpants.

Here she is in her gear:

Lady Gaga Stomach

She looks like a normal woman to us. No, scratch that, she looks like a woman in incredible shape. Not so according to various trolls on Twitter who said they found Gaga’s stomach ‘Confronting.’


Er, sorry, on what planet is this flab?

Thankfully, there were plenty of fans who applauded Gaga for saying a big ‘eff you’ to unrealistic body standards.

Here’s her full halftime show performance:


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