Could It Be You? EuroMillions Are Searching For The Lucky Irish Winner Who Scooped €88.5m Last Night

*frantically checks ticket *

Popping Bottles

Someone in Ireland is about to be very happy indeed. That’s because last night EuroMillions announced that the winning ticket for their recent €88.5m rollover jackpot was purchased right here in Ireland.

As of yet, the lucky Irish winner is yet to claim their prize and the search to find them has sparked a bit of frenzy, with the EuroMillions website crashing for a time last night shortly after the announcement.

Loads of Irish people have taken to Twitter to confirm they don’t have the winning ticket:

So with the winner still to come forward, could it be you?

The winning numbers are 1, 5, 7, 17, 23, while the lucky stars were 3 and 8. Check that ticket!

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