Cringe! Stacey Solomon Seemed None Too Happy About Receiving This Gift From Her Boyfriend On Her Birthday

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Stacey Solomon

Each year as your birthday rolls around, one of the main things you’re likely looking forward to is all the lovely, well-thought out presents from your nearest and dearest.

Add to that, if you’re lucky enough to be coupled up, then the gift from your other half might just be the one you’re looking forward to the most.

Sadly for Stacey Solomen, she seemed, er, just a smidgen unimpressed with the gift she received from her long-term boyf Joe Swash on her birthday this year.

The former X Factor contestant appeared on Loose Women yesterday and revealed that Joe had bought her three pairs of runners as a gift.

“Joe was really lovely, he got me some really nice trainers, in fact three pairs,” she told the Loose Women panel, trying to hide her disappointment. “Cos every girl needs three pairs of trainers. I think he’s trying to say ‘get active, come on girl'”.

Stacey then hinted that she had been hoping for a proposal.

“I kept thinking that it was something else. I love them. I thought the third box would be a surprise…” she revealed.

“There was so many scenarios. But it was another box of trainers… It could be coming… It might be!”

Oh well, hopefully Joe will do better next year, and thankfully he did save the day by sending Stacey a super sweet birthday message and a bunch of flowers on the show. Bless!

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