Do Not Lean Over Beyoncé To Talk To Jay Z, Or Her Fans Will Come For You

One woman had to learn this the hard way.

Whatever you do, you do NOT want Beyoncé fans to start calling you ‘Becky’… which is precisely what happened to one woman last night.

Bey and Jay Z had courtside seats for game three of the NBA finals on Wednesday night – we don’t know a huge deal about basketball but apparently the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors, so well done to them.

They were sitting beside Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob and his wife, Nicole Curran, and the couples made chat as they watched the game.

However, one video of Nicole leaning over Beyoncé to speak to Jay has been going viral – mostly because of Bey’s facial expressions.

She doesn’t LOOK impressed, but she might have just remembered she left the immersion on, or didn’t take the chicken for tomorrow out of the freezer. There could have been many different things on her mind, and she could have relished the opportunity to think about them while Nicole entertained her husband.

Nevertheless, people immediately assumed that Beyoncé wasn’t happy to be left out of the conversation:

And the Beyhive did what they do best, swarming on Nicole’s Instagram and leaving bee emojis under her photos (which are mostly of her AMAZING shoe collection. Honestly, it’s what dreams are made of).

In response, Nicole posted a screenshot of herself and Beyoncé mid-chat with the caption: “We should all help and support each other.” Then she promptly disabled her comments section, because the girl should be allowed enjoy her glorious shoes in peace.

Beyoncé also posted photos from the game, including the now-infamous video, but cropped them all to only include herself and Jay Z. Message received, Bey.

But listen, she can’t really be mad, because we all remember the 2014 photos of her and Jake Gyllenhaal having a heart to heart as Jay, looking bemused, sits between them.

The power Beyoncé has. We both admire and fear it.