Dream Job Alert! Cadbury’s And Oreo Are Hiring Chocolate Tasters. Here’s How To Apply!

We think we've found our calling in life.

Cadburys Chocolate

If this isn’t a dream job then we don’t know what is.

Mondelez International, AKA, the company that has confectionary faves like Cadbury’s and Oreo under its wing are currently hiring professional chocolate tasters.

You read that right. They’re on to hunt for an applicant who will taste test the quality of their chocolate and get paid a pretty sum for the privilege.

Eating Chocolate Gif

All you need to apply according to the company’s ad posted on Linkedin is a passion for confectionary (tick!) honesty when it comes to giving an opinion (tick!) and an eagerness to try out new chocolate products (and tick!)

Sadly, before you send off your chocolate fingerprint smudged CV, there is one teeny little snag that we were almost willing to overlook in our haste to eat endless amounts of chocolate and call it work.

The job is in Reading, in the UK, so unless you were planning a move over anytime in the future it kinda rules you out of the running.

Sigh. Well that’s our dreams ruined. We think we need a bar of Dairy Milk to cheer ourselves up.


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