Fans Are ‘Crying Laughing’ At This One Detail In Vicky Pattison’s Latest Selfie

Er, probably not the reaction she was expecting.

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If you’re a top blogger or the owner of a super popular Instagram account you might spend hours trying to scout out the best backdrop for your latest snaps.

Not so for former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison. Instead of snapping a selfie in front of an edgy graffitied wall or in an all-white room, Vicky chose her bedroom for her latest snap and fans are having a field day.

Why? Cos her room’s an absolute state.

Posing in tight shorts and a crop top, Vicky captioned the snap “Come on summer body… I can see you threatening to come out there!!!” but her followers were more concerned with all the mess strewn across her floor than her changing figure.

Loads of them commented on her snap LOLing at her choice of background…

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Obviously noticing the criticism, Vicky later updated her caption to read “Please excuse the mess… I’m in the process of unpacking!”

We’ve got to hand it to her for keeping it real.