Fans Are Slamming Sarah Hyland Right Now For Appearing To Body Shame A Woman In Her Car

They hit out at Sarah for her latest Instagram video.

Sarah Hyland

Fans are not happy with Sarah Hyland after she appeared to body shame a woman on her Instagram. Sarah shared a video of the woman in her car and can be heard saying ‘How do you get into your car, miss?’ before descending into laugher with her friend.

Fans immediately assumed the Modern Family actress was referring to the woman’s size and hit out at her at her for being ‘cruel’ and a ‘bully’.

Fortunately, Sarah has updated fans via a series of follow-up videos and confirmed that it was all a misunderstanding. She wasn’t being a body-shamer after all.

“OK I’d like to say one thing. For those thinking that I was making fun of the woman in the car, uh no,” she explained. “If you noticed, the car didn’t have a car handle. That’s why I was questioning how she got in the car or not. It didn’t have a handle!”

In a later snap, Sarah can be seen rolling her eyes and complains that people take things so personally these days.

See? It’s all just a case of crossed wires.

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