Fans Reckon Poussey Is Returning To OITNB Season 5 And We’re Confused, Very Confused

But, um, HOW?!

The full trailer for Orange Is The New Black season five only dropped earlier this week and already fan theories are rife about what we can expect from the new series.

Perhaps the most batshit one of all is that Poussey Washington, played by Samira Wiley will be returning to the show.

The recap, Poussey met a violent death at the hands of the prison guards in season four and was left dead on the prison floor for sometime before being taken away in an ambulance.

Still this theory, picked up by Elite Daily, insists the fan-favourite character will be returning thanks to some clues they picked up on in the trailer.

In particular, they point to one clip that shows Suzanne, Soso, Taystee, Black Cindy and Watson sitting together in a circle in what appears to be seance, suggesting that they’re trying to bring their friend Poussey back from the dead.

“I wish OITNB would get weirdly supernatural just so Poussey could be brought back,” writes the Reddit user who penned the theory. “I’m not over her having her gone yet.”

We’re not either, but we find it highly unlikely that the show’s writers would completely change genres just to bring her back from the dead.

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