Feeling Nosy? Caitlyn Jenner’s Home Will Be On Cribs Tonight

"I think people have this perception that you’re supposed to have this huge home."

There’s nothing we love more than an episode of Cribs. Not only does it make us feel nostalgic for coming home from school and flicking on MTV, but it also satisfies the nosy side of us too. What could be better than snooping around the homes of the rich and the famous?

The latest episode of the show will be delving into the home of Caitlyn Jenner, one we can’t wait to see.

Before the tour of her home MTV Cribs caught up with Caitlyn on her interior style as well as her obsession with all things shoes.

Talk us through what a tour of your home looks like.
I think the most amazing thing about my house is the view. Anyone who walks into the house from the front ends up going right back outside through the back to see the view. They always just go ‘Wow, this is very cool.’

What will surprise people most about your home?
I think people will be surprised that it’s not actually that big of a house. Although the property’s big – it sits on 12 acres – the house itself isn’t as big as people may think. I think people have this perception that you’re supposed to have this huge home. I’ve had those in the past and I’ve decided that I would like to have something smaller and more manageable.

What embarrassing items in your fridge/cupboards will you have to squirrel away before the cameras arrive?
I’ll have to hide Sophia’s wine, Sophia’s rosé. There’s a lot of it.


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What are your most prized possessions?
I have a couple of family things in the house that are very important to me. I have a statue that my Great Grand Father bought and it’s been passed down in the family. It’s honestly things like that that mean the most to me. Furniture and technology, you can buy and sell and change – but the personalised stuff is by far the most important.

Most lavish purchase?
It’s a tossup between my Porsche and my Plane.

Fav item in the wardrobe?

What’s your favourite gadget?
I’d say my work bench in the garage is my favourite gadget.


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How does your home compare to other celeb homes? Have you been inside other famous folks homes.. whose was the most impressive or whose did you like the most?
All of my kid’s homes are just phenomenal, but I’m not going to say which one I like the best.

What are you hoping for the next three to five years?
Peace and tranquility in the world.

Is reality tv a big part of the plan?
Right now I’m not doing a reality TV show. However, I do consider my YouTube channel reality television and I will continue with that. So make sure you subscribe!

Will you miss KUWTK?
Some of the best times of my life were with my family shooting that show. I will miss that, but fortunately all of my kids are doing extraordinarily well and I don’t have to worry about them.

The episode airs tonight at 8pm on MTV.


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