Five Fun Reads For Your Beach Bag

Ahh, Summer.

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Summer is well and truly here, which means that weekends are reserved for lying on sand or grass with a book in hand and a steady stream of snacks. 

We’ve put together a list of five fun and easy page flickers to accompany you while you perfect your tan. Happy reading! 


Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld 

Bestselling author Curtis Sittenfeld is bringing you a charming book filled with laughter and romance. 

Sketch writer Sally Milz has lived through heartbreaks and disappointments in the field of romance, so she keeps her hook-ups brief and unserious – but jealousy sparks when her ‘average’ looking friend and co-writer ends up dating a woman who Sally reckons is out of his league, leading her to write a new sketch about the unfairness women face in dating. However, when a new host and musical guest joins her crew, Sally is stuck between the notion that “pretty people fall for other pretty people” and the possibility that love is more than just looks. 


Sorry, Bro by Taleen Voskuni 


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Follow Nar on her adventure outside of San Francisco, on her mothers request to find an established Armenian man. Nar joins a month-long program called Explore Armenia which allows her to know the place that gave birth to her family and has an immense impact on her cultural identity. 

What Nar doesn’t expect – is to explore her sexuality. She meets Erebuni, who offers to be her wingwoman. As time runs out on securing an Armenian husband, and Nar faces conflict over being honest with her family, her relationship with Erebuni begins to blossom. 

This sweet queer novel by Taleen Voskuni is hot and heavy, offers a gorgeous insight into Armenian culture, and is a perfect beach romance flicker.


Happy Place by Emily Henry 


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College lovers Harriet and Wyn have always been seen as the “perfect couple”. But for the past six months they’ve been broken up – and nobody knows. 

With summer now here and another getaway planned with friends, the two are faced with keeping up their facade as they share a room at an isolated cottage. Can the pair keep up appearances for the sake of their closest friends, or will the truth come out to play? And is there another secret they are hiding from each other?


My Hot Friend by Sophie White

Dublin native Sophie White is presenting you with an insight into the difficulties of navigating female friendships. This funny and unapologetically honest novel is one everyone will be able to relate to.

Three women with separate lives struggle to stay connected to their old friend groups.  When the three meet by chance with the same passion of wanting genuine friends who understand and accept them, they must figure out whether to leave the old and start anew or see if their past relationships are worth salvaging. 


Dirty Laundry by Disha Bose

Ciara Dunphrey lives outside Dublin, Ireland in a small village. Outwardly, her life seems great – she has a beautiful family, a lovely home, and a thriving career as a social media influencer. But behind closed doors, things aren’t as perfect as they seem.

When two local girls who are tired of either being compared to Ciara or wishing they had her life team up, things take a dark turn – and those closest to the glamorous influencer take the opportunity to turn against her. 

In this mystery thriller, we are presented with motherhood told from another perspective. It’s filled with suspense, love, and backstabbers. Ideal!

Words by Alicia Maxwell