Follow The Body Coach? You Won’t Believe How Much Money He’s Earning On Instagram Every Month

He's our #ManCrushMonday and, er, every other day of the week too.

Joe Wicks

Joe wicks. He’s our favourite ridey fitness guru. Making his name on social media with his 15-second cooking demos, he’s got over a million followers to his name, released a best selling cookbook (with a follow-up book coming in June that’s already at number two in the Amazon pre-sale charts) and is the man behind the #LeanIn15 program that’s helping thousands get lean across the globe by eating more and exercising less.

Oh yeah, and he’s totally gorgeous too.

Good morning world ?? Double tap if you’re training today ????? #Leanin15

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Chatting to The Mirror this week Joe revealed the trappings of his new-found success.

“I’m passionate about what I do, and getting people coming up to me in the street or at book signings and telling me I’ve changed their lives – that’s what motivates me.

“I’m getting recognised every week now, and people will come up to me in Sainsbury’s and shout, ‘Oi! Lean in 15!’ or one of my catchphrases ‘Guilty!’ which still feels weird, but I love it all.”

But #LeanIn15 hasn’t just made Joe a recognisable face on the street, it’s also made him pretty wealthy.

“A couple of years ago I had about four followers and was putting all this free content out for so long, putting myself out there to be laughed at and criticised,” he explains. “I never realised you could monetise Instagram. I just wanted to help people.”

Try this post workout sticky honey and Sesame chicken stir fry with rice ? #Leanin15

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His monthly earnings from Insta? “Our turnover now is over a million pounds a month,” he reveals. “When you say it out loud like that, it sounds ridiculous, but I have 500 people signing up to my plan every day, and the business keeps growing and growing. I think the reason I’ve been successful is because I never set out to make money.

He adds “I’ve always just wanted to genuinely transform lives. Although it’s lovely to have money, I’ve never chased the cash.”

Down to earth, passionate, absolutely beautiful and always blathering on about mideget trees? Oh Joe, never change.


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