Food, Sex And Tech: 5 Irish Bloggers Who Write About More Than Just Fashion And Beauty

We regularly feature Ireland's best fashion and beauty bloggers. This week we're looking to the ladies who've veered away from the mainstream and delved into other topics.

The Foodie: The Little Green Spoon

Indy Power Little Green Spoon

Indy Power’s nutrient-rich colourful recipes are what makes her blog such a hit with her near 40,000-strong following. Launching a book of the back of her blog’s success, it’s fair to say this Irish foodie is influencing diets nationwide.

The Sex Blogger: Abbi Rode

Abbi Rode

An addictive, honest and filthy read, this anonymous sex blog claims to be the only one of its kind in Ireland. Taking on topics like squirting, hand jobs and anal, it’s sure to be your new guilty pleasure.

The culture vulture: Minnie Melange

Minnie Melange

Navan native Sinead Burke’s got a passion for fashion but she’s so much more than that. Her culture-focused blog covers all bases including music, art, theatre and more. In particular we love Sinead’s Extraordinary Women interview series which shines a light on some of society’s most inspiring females.

The Mummy blogger: Office Mum

Office Mum

Proving that women really can have it all, parenting blogger Andrea Mara balances being a mum of three with a career as a freelance writer. Her blog covers topics like how working mums can find balance and negotiate flexible working hours, as well as documenting the lives of other working mums in her blog series ‘Office Mum Stories.’

The techxpert: Hazel Tymlim

Hazel Tymlim

Tech may seem like a predominantly male arena, but Hazel Tymlin is one female who’s make waves in the field. As director of Ireland’s Technology Blog she looks after the site’s fitness tech reviews and editorials and regularly blogs about her two big loves: fitness apps and wearable technology.

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